Wylie Woods and Stacy Finke

Wylie Woods and Stacy Finke met in the romantic setting of an Occidental parking lot. Despite their initial differences (she was a Deadhead, he preferred Slayer) they are 13 years married and finish each other's sentences. They appreciate a quiet, private life in Forestville, while still feeling part of the West County community. Wylie is a blacksmith artist, making "functional objects people want, they just don't know it yet". He's aiming for artifact status with his work, imagining a distant future when his pieces are found and deciphered.  Stacy is the director of Pastures, a picturesque preschool located outside the town of Bodega. Housed in a vintage cottage, cozy with a wood burning stove and backyard of perfect climbing trees,  Pastures is a kid magnet. The popular school does not participate in advertising. Word of mouth draws a crowd. If you’re a parent who's nervous about their young getting dirty, don’t bother putting your name on the waiting list. “The environment lets children explore, express who they are." You may not take to get what you want, is the Pastures philosophy.  "We create a sharing micro community, one that mirrors what I’d like to see for our global community” explains Stacy.

Appalled by the waste of perfectly good food, dumpster diving at Whole Foods was a sport for Wylie in his early West County days. "You could find produce in excellent condition. I once fought with a Stork Rescue Group over broccoli."
The last book Stacy finished was the excellent Just Kids, by Patti Smith. Wylie prefers the light reading of Fish and Game Regulation manuals.
Wylie did not have time to shave for his own wedding, because he was too busy parking guest's cars.
They still experience vacation-like moments, driving through West County beauty on the way home from work.
Wicker-covered bottles and ice chests are antique collectibles for Stacy. Wylie has started his latest assembly, of white seabass ear bones. 
The frequent purchase for Wylie, an "ass pocket of whiskey" from Fred's Liquors of Forestville. Stacy spends at The Legacy Thrift & Gift Shop, known for their killer fabrics and notions.
The local weather is a big draw, especially in connection with their garden. "Ancient man wanted to live here because you could run around naked" Wylie claims.
They unplug by a pond, with their dogs, lunch and archery. Not included: phones, other people. 
You're granted admiral status if you own eleven boats, believes Wylie. He's halfway there with five. 
They share a certain opinion of Sebastopol, which they describe as "too precious."
He hunts, fishes and cooks it all, but when they do dine out, Stacy's pick is K&L Bistro. Wylie prefers Tahoe Chinese, Forestville. 
An obsession for Stacy is the picnic from a basket, from the meal's artful arrangement to the Iron Horse champagne. 
In preparation for his Golden Years, Wylie admits to decades of practice being a grumpy old man. 
Goals for Stacy include offering Pastures scholarships, creating equal access to high quality early childhood education. She would also like to host families of terminally ill children, for days of respite and play.

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